Cleaning guru shares hack that takes grimy old pans and leaves them sparkling

With Christmas fast approaching, you’ll be able to get your pans sparkling like they’re brand new in no time – all by using this simple hack shared by a cleaning guru

A cleaning guru has shared a hack that will leave your pans looking like they’re brand new – just in time for Christmas.

Even the most conservative festive meal uses several pans, whether it’s for boiling potatoes, frying bacon, or steaming a delicious dessert.

But after years of abuse, pans can look a little worse for wear – with the base blackened from heat and baked in grime, but thankfully there is a solution.

Instagram star Ju shared the hack with her fans, and all you need is salt, baking powder, white vinegar, washing up liquid, and kitchen roll – plus a little patience.

In the video, Ju shows how you how to get rid of the dark stains that are commonplace in kitchens, and it starts with her sprinkling salt on the bottom of a frying pan.

Then, she adds a generous dusting of baking powder, before pouring washing up liquid over the mixed powder.

Covering the whole thing with a few sheets of kitchen roll, Ju then pours white vinegar onto the absorbent paper.

She then leaves the mixture to rest, before later removing the wet kitchen roll – which had absorbed all the hardened grease that’s dissolved off the pan.

For the final step, Ju then gives the pan a quick wash and it comes out looking good as new – ready for the onslaught of Christmas cooking.

Meanwhile, a man has shared a genius Christmas hack to make advent calendars out of last year’s leftovers – and it’s so simple everyone can do it.

Magician Darren Cullen, 34, watched a video about the homemade advent calendar on TikTok so decided to create his own version, and was amazed by the results.

The dad from Kent, took the cardboard insert from toilet rolls, which could be substituted for the innards of wrapping paper, and shaped them into the outline of a tree – with 25 individual segments.

Then he painted them green and filled each compartment with sweets and treats, before sealing them all off and labelling the doors with numbers from one to 25.