Woman ‘humiliated’ after misunderstanding date’s text about ‘dressing up’

TikTok user Amelia Samson has revealed how she was left red-faced after wearing fancy dress to a first date, only to discover her date had been joking about the whole thing

First dates can be pretty awkward, but one woman thought she’d hit the jackpot when her date suggested they should dress up in fancy dress in a bid to break the ice on their first meeting.

Amelia Samson’s( @ameliasamson) date said they should dress up as obnoxious tourists for their first date, and never one to turn down a theme, she excitedly agreed and put her all into finding a costume.

“I had a first date planned with a guy that I was really excited about, super cute, really smart, and he has this idea of dressing up in a theme as an icebreaker for our first date,” she explained in a clip shared to TikTok.

“He said let’s dress up as really obnoxious tourists for our first date, and I LOVED that idea. I’m always down for a theme. Any themed party, I’m going over the top.”

Amelia was in the middle of a house move at the time, but that didn’t stop her from putting in the effort when it came to dressing up, so she borrowed her dad’s tacky shirt and paired it with big, yellow sunglasses.

However, when she arrived at the restaurant picked out by her date, she was horrified to discover he was not dressed in theme.

“I walk into the restaurant and he is not in theme. So I said ‘you’re not in theme?’ and he was like ‘ya I was kidding’,” she continued.

“I was too committed at that point so I stayed like that the entire date. Kept the sunglasses on, kept the fanny pack on, and I went out with him again.”

Amelia went on to explain that things didn’t go beyond a second date, after the man ended things with her because she was “too political.”

“He said I was too political because I asked him if he voted. I might be political, but at least I’m not boring,” she concluded.