Son, 3, leaves dad in stitches with his hilarious attempt at decorating Christmas tree

The father revealed on Reddit his son’s humble attempt, after the three-year-old decided he would give himself the task of decorating the family Christmas tree

Every Christmas, families hope to have a flawlessly decorated Christmas tree – adorned with baubles, ornaments and lights perfectly coordinated in a festive design.

But in reality, nothing seems to go quite right as we’re left tangled up in fairy lights, having constant quarrels on who places the Christmas tree topper, whilst dealing with kids, who seem to want to do it all themselves.

This is certainly what happened when a father allowed his 3-year-old son to decorate their Christmas tree all on his own.

The dad shared the hilarious picture on Reddit, which captured the son’s modest attempt at decorating their Christmas tree.

On the post captioned: “We let our three-year-old son decorate a treeā€¦”, the Christmas tree is seen decorated with an array of ornaments, but funnily enough, they are only halfway up the tree itself.

The son’s small stature simply would not allow him to reach any higher, and the family were left with a seemingly half decorated Christmas tree.

The post had drawn up plenty of support from Reddit users, with many congratulating the son for his attempt.

One said: “Have him do it every year until you get it full of decorations.”

As the father reassured: “Oh I shall!”.

Another Reddit user begged the father to keep the tree, stating: Please don’t change this! Lol, Christmas isn’t about the picture-perfect tree, it’s about the stories & laughs with the family!”

And once again, the father ensured the tree would stay the same, saying: “Nobody is allowed to touch it. He considers it to be his masterpiece”.

The young boy has undoubtedly taken the lead as the chief decorator in his house.