Hidden’ door at Disneyland theme parks that will cost you £25,000 to walk through

The Disneyland theme parks have been visited by millions of families who have tried out every rollercoaster ride and food stand there is to offer – but there’s one place that only a special few get to visit

It’s every child’s dream and many parents’ worst nightmare – a proper trip to Disneyland, complete with characters and rollercoasters.

While kids all around the world are desperate to visit the Disney theme parks in Paris, Florida, California or Tokyo, many mums and dads dread what it will bring.

Although it’s a magical place and brings joy to their kids, the parents spend much of their day queuing for rides, holding the bags, and forking out for expensive snacks.

Meanwhile, the youngsters excitedly run around trying to spot their favourite Disney characters so they can grab a photo – while the parents diligently follow them around.

But, as with many things in life, the rich and famous don’t quite have the same experience when visiting this magical land with their kids.

In fact, there are several differences when celebrities take their little ones to Disneyland – meaning they don’t have to endure quite as much hassle as us Average Joes.

Perhaps the biggest difference is how they get in and out of the park in the first place, with a series of special doors to ensure the A-listers of the world can go about their park fun without detection.

News.com.au reports big celebrities bringing their children to Disneyland are accompanied by a park guide who takes them exactly where they need to go – without spending precious time trying to work out the park map.

The non-VIPs among us can still opt for a guide if we want to, but it’ll cost – estimated to be more than £100 per hour.

Another luxury afforded to the rich and famous is access to the secretive Club 33 – Disney’s elite members only club.

It costs £25,000 to sign up to the club, followed by an annual membership of more than £11,000.

The door to the original Club 33 lounge is designed to look unassuming and like any other door in the park, but inside is a plush bar with fancy furniture in the dining area.

Once the VIP guests have finished up in the lounge, they can enjoy fast passes to the bigger rides in the park that attract the biggest queues – although even being famous can’t get you out of queuing altogether, and fast passes tend to be a 10-20 minute wait.

But there’s one place that remains off limits to even the special guests – Walt Disney’s apartment above the fire station.

Almost 55 years after he died, the Disney founder’s flat is off limits to almost all visitors as he is still technically in charge.